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Post  The Dude on 24th December 2012, 10:21 am

fluttershy-happy fluttershy-happyHAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!fluttershy-happy fluttershy-happy

Well there we go friends, another year has passed us by... and seriously, I need to put up the stuff we did for the anniversary month XD Man I suck.

Anyway, here's to all you wonderful folks out there, and most especcially: here's to our great friend RobotPony! I hope you're doing well, matey, especially your music career dash-squee

Very pleased to say that new people joined our little group, too! Ro, Wes, Dylan, and Finn - you lot guys are a wonderful and fun bunch, and I look forward to getting to know ya'll even more :D

We learned lots of stuff, had a lot of random moments together, brainstormed brilliant things, and started other multiple roleplays. Eeyup, lots of changes happened this year indeed, and hopefully the next one will be just as bright. You're all great friends, and that's something I can't say enough.

Cheers and all that jazz,
applejack-howdy rocky
The Dude
The Dude

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Post  Sir Knight Lord Diggalot on 25th December 2012, 8:04 am

Happy Holidays! And that's all. Rock got it pretty much covered. It was an awesome year and if it continues at this rate, we'll be pretty much kings and queens of the world by 2014.
Sir Knight Lord Diggalot
Sir Knight Lord Diggalot

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