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The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!]

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The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!] Empty The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!]

Post  The Dude on 22nd September 2012, 9:56 am

This thread is for posting in your characters for the Paranormal story's roleplay!

You can make as many characters as you want, only as much as you can handle of course, and after your character has been created - feel free to write random roleplays either starring only them, or starring another roleplayer's character as well.

Think of this roleplay as one big, giant Investigator's Playground :D
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The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!] Empty Isaac "The Cannibal" Martin

Post  The Dude on 22nd September 2012, 10:03 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Name: Isaac "The Cannibal" Martin
(also; Lucas Worthington, Gerald Blaine, Edward Alrin, etc.)
Age: 26 years old in appearance
Sex: Male
Creature: Werewolf

Physical appearance: Gentle, kind, light and fair. He has a peaceful voice, and a shy smile. Unfortunately for others, that is the personality he often puts on as a mask to keep people from sniffing him out. His wolf personality, however, is much more primal and darker; more wild in appearance and behavior. His werewolf form is a dark, giant wolf, which reflects his original form more.

Isaac has light, fair hair, and light hazel eyes. He is also rather thin in his human form, but his body shifts into a stronger musculature as the moon changes to its final phases, reflecting the rising bloodthirst of the wolf. Thankfully, he is capable of hiding these physical changes from his friends acquaintances.

Voice: slow, rough, yet soothing; during a half-morphed status: deep and very terrifying

Personality: Isaac could be an old soul with how old he is, but he just never seems to grow up at all, no matter how many years passes. He enjoys deceiving people by making himself look weak, and his fake ‘human’ personality is shown to be shy, soft-spoken, and passive. He enjoys this because it allows others to treat him as one of their own, and not something to be feared. His real self holds a confident, forceful, yet gentle personality. With a bit of malevolence on top sometimes whenever his dark side slips out accidentally.

Isaac on the other hand has embraced his animal half with hesitant arms. He sometimes attempts to control his animal side, but often succumbs to its need and its bloodthirst. He has gone better overtime, managing to stick to his normal diet until at least the final phases of the moon. At first he would crave animal blood. Then raw animal meat. Isaac’s need would then shift to a more malevolent nature in the full moon: human flesh, much to his contempt. He tries to fix this by targeting and consuming only wicked souls.

He is simply too addicted to it. Isaac has lost all hope of controlling it completely.

Despite all this, Isaac tries to see the sunny side of life. At least morning doesn’t burn his skin. He is still quite childish at heart, and he is often described by his ‘friends’ as a happy dog wagging his tail all the time. Isaac, the human, is optimistic, and somewhat cheeky. He is also somewhat of a geek, for he has an obsessive hobby of collecting stuff - little, simple trinkets from all over the world. Snowglobes, a broken pocket watch, a random picture of a random place... all of which helps him remember the memories he holds of the places and times he once lived in.

Likes: indulging his packrat ways, meat, blood, letting go of his animal side, parkour, freestyling, travelling at night and basically being free, potato chips and salsa, popcorn, junk food, television, having people underestimate him

Dislikes: technology (they hate him), healthy diets, letting go of his animal side, vampires, banshees, the fifteenth century, getting something stuck under his shoe (it annoys him), people telling him his fashion sense is shit (since he doesn’t take care to care for his appearance), as a wolf: other werewolves encroaching on his territory.

Strengths/Skills: being one of the ‘old ones’ he can slightly shift his appearance, but only on a very small scale, such as the color of his eyes or hair or skin, or age (at times he can change his appearance to that of an older self, or a very young self); as well as his height and weight. Even as a human, he is faster and stronger than normal for a human, and can cling to rooftops and walls, which allows him to travel quickly on rooftops at night, unnoticed. Isaac can also change into a werewolf at will, but the forms vary according to how far along the full moon is:

During the earlier stages, he would merely shift into that of a hairy beast with sharp claws and teeth, yet with more humanoid features. His height would not change, but his musculature would. He only shifts into this appearance at will.

During the middle stages, Isaac the wolf would be more violent and primal. His height would increase, his deadly force, and he would look a bit more wolfish in appearance. He would also start to run on all fours. He also only shifts into this appearance at will.

During the last stages, Isaac’s appearance would be more wolf than man. An oversized, four-legged wolf, at least. Marking the beginning of this phase, Isaac would not be able to control shifting into his four-legged wolf persona. His need for animal flesh appears at this stage.

The final stage: his oversized werewolf-humanoid form appears as a giant, hulking beast. At this stage, Isaac would not be able to control himself unless he has eaten the flesh of a human being. In order to make sure he doesn’t eat someone who is innocent, Isaac has managed to control his mindset to target someone who has evil within them. He then allows himself to transform in the least desirable part of the city, where thieves and murderers run rampant. Sometimes it works. Sometimes.

Thankfully, his criminal attempts is overshadowed, or is thought to be done by another criminal group, as the city he has set his territory in is an unforgiving, ugly place. Exactly the reason why he chose it.

Weaknesses: he’s not a very intelligent guy or fighter. He’s a bit of a dummy, and a bit slow in thinking, but he doesn’t mind it that much. Isaac relies more on his force, which sets him at a disadvantage against magic users, or people who are generally more intelligent than him. He is also quite a bit too gullible, and easy to trick. Isaac might also be capable of shifting his appearance, but only if he has managed to eat enough human flesh. Only then can he shift his physical appearance slightly. Only if Isaac manages to sacrifice a hundred humans can he be able to completely change his human form. Isaac has only done this thrice in his lifetime due to... uncontrollable reasons.

Background: It is only understood that Isaac Martin is one of the ‘old ones’ who has managed to improve his werewolf abilities, but he still has much to learn. He is one of the few werewolves out there who is still trying to keep in touch with his human side, as well.

He once has a younger brother who, unbeknownst to Isaac, follows him around in the form of a dead ghost. The boy tries to keep his brother from harming too many innocents. Oftentimes, Isaac’s younger brother is powerless.

The younger brother might reveal Isaac’s true origin. And maybe even what he originally looked like before he began to shift his appearance too much over the years.

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The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!] Empty Re: The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!]

Post  hayleyag on 24th September 2012, 4:22 am

Name: Maya Gutierrez
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Creature: Human

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Personality: Maya is a quiet person. A little distracted, a bit disconnected from what's happening around her. She likes being around people, but crowds make her nervous. Maya also really dislikes confrontation.

Strengths/Skills: Maya can see the dead. Not just see, but hear and interact with them as if they were alive. She can touch them, talk to them, and feel their presence anytime they are near.

Because of this skill (which she inherited from her mother and grandfather), she developed an interest in history, and has studied it and the supernatural extensively.

She's fairly athletic, a good runner and swimmer, but not much good in a fight.

Weaknesses: Maya has an obsession with all her belongings being new. She won't even consider buying or taking anything that's been owned before. The exception to this is the iron cross she keeps above the doorway of her apartment. It belonged to her grandmother, and she knows that its safe.

Background: Maya grew up with her grandmother, Estelle. Estelle did not share the power her granddaughter has, and feared it. Well, not so much it, but the effect it has had on the people she loved. She told Maya that it was just her imagination, and that she should ignore the visions and the feelings and that eventually they'd go away. Maya believed her and tried to do that, until her mother came home and she learned something, but not all, of the truth.

Her mother and grandmother decided it was best she not be told, that it would be better if she continued to believe they were just in her imagination. Maya's mother, Catalina, did not handle the spirits well. For the most part, she ignored them or tried to help them when she could, but there was one that kept haunting her, following her and tormenting her. Catalina turned to drugs and drinking to make her go away. When that didn't work, it drove her mad.

Maya was ten when she first fully grasped the extent of her gift. That was the year she met Sara Hayes while touring a local history museum with her class. Sara had died over a hundred years before, drowned in a river near her home. She didn't believe it though, she refused to. She was the first of the imaginings that Maya ever talked to, and that meeting marked the turning point for her.

That was when she began researching the supernatural and the paranormal, hiding her books in the back of her closet so her grandmother wouldn't discover what she was up to. A lot of the time she was frightened of her gift, she didn't want it and tried to push it away. But most of the time it fascinated her.

Her mother was committed for the last time when Maya was 16. Her grandmother, realizing that it would be better for Maya to know the truth, rather than believe the worst of her mother, explained the gift to her. She was not surprised when Maya said she already knew.

When Maya was 24, her grandmother passed away. Maya hasn't seen her. Now she works at the local library and continues to study. The library is old, but Maya is used to the feelings that come with it, and the few spirits that hang around inside. They are the quiet sort, who mostly just enjoy a good conversation every now and then. Maya is happy to oblige them after hours, when no one else is around to see.

for the story version of her background click [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!] Empty Re: The Paranormal Story's Characters [yet to be titled!]

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