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[Main Thread] The Skeleton Files Roleplay Empty [Main Thread] The Skeleton Files Roleplay

Post  The Dude on 19th September 2012, 12:37 pm

Welcome, one and all, to the new Skeleton Files roleplay, where investigators of all brain shapes and sizes try to solve grisly murders by collecting and piecing together clues.

Search for evidence! Interrogate! Intimidate! Solve puzzles! Get caught in a crossfire! And, of course, let your investigator character run free :D

This roleplay was inspired by the Trail of Cthulhu tabletop roleplay, and uses a modified (and more character oriented) Gumshoe System.

Feel free to voice out your concerns here, mates. Suggestions for improvement, questions, and any other discussions you'd all like to initiate. Anybody is free to comment under here, even the non-players fluttershy-happy

1. Please be polite, and not too much negativity please. I know you lot. You're all like rabid animals.
2. If a particular discussion is beginning to dominate the thread, another thread can be created for that subject specifically.

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The Characters

Main Characters
Adrian Kelly, played by RobotPony
Erik de Bruyn, played by Ro
Jessica Alden Grey, played by Hayley
Jon Moore, played by Finn
Josh Abcan, played by beroulga
Mattias Jansson, played by that prat, Diggidoo

Minor Characters
Anna Coen, played by beroulga
Belle, played by RobotPony
Nathan Williams, played by Hayley
Nita Abcan-Coen, played by beroulga
Trevor Danes, played by Rocky

NPC Contacts
Harrison Caden Maaz [main contact], played by Rocky
Mickey Branson, played by Rocky
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